Holy Name Society


The Holy Name Society is a group of men wishing to enhance their
spiritual life as well as demonstrates a devotion to Jesus.  As members we will volunteer our time, run fundraisers and assist in building a foundation for the future of our parish.                                         Our fundraisers provide scholarships to the young men and women of our parish that are entering college.  It also gives relief to those that are in need.
The funds also have been used to purchase bibles, school supplies and support for our youth group activities. We participate in parish trips to Washington DC, shrines and spiritual retreats.  We are looking to continue our efforts and build our membership.  If you are interested in joining, or if you would like to share new ideas for our parish, please call Deacon Anthony or any member of the Holy Name Society.
President:    Leonard Symia
Vice- president: Maynard Melhem
Treasurer:   Owtil Koury
Secretary:   Jordan Isaac