Birthplace: Beirut. Date: 12/17/1958. Rite: Greek Catholic

School studies: High School, year 1978
Entrance in the Antonine Maronite Order as of Easter of 1978.
Novice: 08/14/1978, place: Monastery of St. Isaiah
Temporary Vows: 08/16/1980, place: Monastery of St. Isaiah
Subdeacon: 04/18/1085, place: Monastery of St. Rock
Solemn Vows: 03/19/1985, place: Monastery of St. Rock
Deacon: 05/01/1985, place: Monastery of St. Rock
Priest: 07/27/1985, place: Monastery of St. Elias-Antelias
University studies:
Bachelor of Philosophy 1982: University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelicum- Rome.
Bachelor of Theology 1985: University of Holy Spirit – Kaslik, Lebanon.
Master of Religious Education: St. Michael’s College, Toronto-Canada 1989

Religious responsibilities:
1- Administrator: St. Rock-Dekwaneh1985-1986
2- Assistant in the Mission in Canada1986-1991
3- Assistant in Blessed Trinity Church, North York, Toronto 1988-1991
4- Director of the Technical Institute, Monastery of St. Anthony Baabda 1991-1992
5- Administrator: St. John-Ajaltoun and St. Georges-Aoukar 1992-1993
6- Superior of St. Elias Church- Kab Elias 1993-1995
7- Assistant of Notre Dame School-Hasroun 1995-1996
8- Master of the Postulate: Monastery of St. Anthony, Baabda 1996-1999
9 – Superior and Principal of Notre Dame School, Hasroun 1999-2005
10- Pastor of Saint Maron Adelaide-Australia 2005-2008
11- Vicar of Saint Thomas More in San Francisco 2009-2014
12- Administrator and Pastor of Saint Rock Rayak 2014-2015
13- Chaplain of Saint Joseph Hospital Dora 2015-2017
14- Missionary in the Maronite Diocese of Brooklyn since January 1st, 2018 including vicar of Our Lady of Victory Pittsburg until May 2018. Pastor of Our Lady of Lebanon Church Easton, Pennsylvania as of June 1st, 2018
Arabic, French, Italian, English and Syriac

 Deacon Anthony Koury
Born April 1, 1947 in Easton, Pennsylvania, a son of the late Frank and Catherine (John) Koury.
Deacon Anthony has been serving Our Lady of Lebanon since being ordained on July 11, 1982 by Arbishop Francis M. Zayek.
Deacon Anthony served as a teacher and Athletic Director at Notre Dame High School for over 40 years starting his position in 1969. 
Deacon Koury married his wife the Cheffie on May 23, 1970, whom are the proud parents of two children and one grandchild.
Deacon Koury has served Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Easton, Pennsylvania for the last 60 years, as a Deacon,  alter server, cantor, lector, member of the parish council, director of religious education, bingo worker and serving on various committees.
Deacon Anthony’s life has been one of total service to his family, church, community, and Our Lady of Lebanon where he has helped shape the lives and futures of thousands of people.