2024 Season of Great Lent

Parable of the Prodigal Son

Healing of the Hemorrhaging Woman

Healing of the Leper

Sunday of Entrance into Lent

2024 Season of the Glorious Epiphany

Sunday of the Faithful Departed

Sunday of the Righteous and Just

Sunday of the Priests 2

The Feast of the Glorious Epiphany

2nd Sunday after Epiphany

2023 The Glorious Birth of Our Lord

The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple

Christmas Bulletin

Genealogy Sunday

Revelation to Joseph

Birth of John the Baptist

Visitation of the Virgin to Elizabeth

Announcement to the Virgin Mary

Announcement to Zechariah

2023 Opening of the Liturgical Year

Renewal of the Church

Consecration of the Church

2023 Season of the Holy Cross

Sunday of Christ the King

6th Sunday after Holy Cross

5th Sunday after Holy Cross

4th Sunday after Holy Cross

3rd Sunday after Holy Cross

2nd Sunday after Holy Cross

1st Sunday after Holy Cross

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

2023 Season of Glorious Pentecost

15th Sunday of Pentecost

14th Sunday of Pentecost

13th Sunday of Pentecost

12th Sunday of Pentecost

The Transfiguration of Our Lord

10th Sunday of Pentecost

Feast of St. Charbel

8th Sunday of Pentecost

7th Sunday of Pentecost

6th Sunday of Pentecost

Sts. Peter and Paul

4th Sunday of Pentecost

3rd Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday of the Most Holy Trinity

Pentecost Sunday

2023 Season of the Glorious Resurrection

7th Sunday of the Resurrection

6th Sunday of the Resurrection

5th Sunday of the Resurrection

4th Sunday of the Resurrection

3rd Sunday of the Resurrection

Divine Mercy Sunday

The Glorious Resurrection